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“Convinced that God loves and cherishes each person just the way they are and delighted by the Presbyterian Church (USA)'s celebration of the gifts of all people, White Rock Presbyterian Church publicly affirms LGBTQIA+ persons. Each person's full participation is encouraged as together we explore life as a community of faith: worshiping God, seeking to become our full selves, living in community, and engaging with the world to further God's healing, justice, abundance, and love. God’s Table is prepared; the feast isn’t complete without you.”

WRPC is a vibrant faith community that is…

We are a small but mighty community of faith who believes that each person is a beloved child of God and everyone is welcome!
Join us, as we seek to deepen our relationships with God, each other, and the world around us.
Join us, as we think about our faith while admitting our doubts, and long for wholeness while acknowledging our brokenness.
Join us, as we seek to discover and experience the Presence of God in our community (Get to know us!), in worship (Worship with us!), and through serving others (Connect with us!).
Join us!

Here are some real words from real people about WRPC:

I like it here!

"Click HERE for my personal greeting!" --Pastor Deb Worley

"It is family!" --Jeanette M.

"People care about me." --Ken H.

"It feels like family." --Lori K.

"The people!" --Kara W.

"Joyce, Linda, Jean, Mary, Jeff, Connie, Reuben, Anthony, Joyce, Dick, Ann, Ken, Jennifer, Craig, Lori, Jeff, Veronica, Darren, Wayne, Jeanette, Al, Rheta, Bob, Selma, James, Min, Young, Christine, Allison, John, Sarah, Ryan, John, Deb. The people!" --Rod M.

"We are family" --Jennifer H.

"It is family." --Connie G.

"WRPC has been my ‘church family’ for over 45 years. It continues to nurture my spiritual growth in the community with Christian friends." --Joyce B.

"It feels like a family." --Selma R.

"The people" --Al M.