Frequently Asked Questions

What time is worship?
9:30 AM every Sunday. Rain or shine. Of course, rain in NM is pretty rare; it's mostly shine. But on those rare occasions when it DOES rain, we'll still gather to worship. And we'll praise God for the rain!
How do I get there?
Your choice--by car, by bike, on foot.... Oh! Where is it located? 310 Rover Blvd in White Rock, right next to Rover Park. You can find a map of our location HERE.
Is there a dress code?
Like at a restaurant, shirt and shoes are required. And pants! This is not Zoom worship. Don't forget your pants! Or your skirt, if that's more comfortable for you. We believe that God does not care what you're wearing when you come to worship; neither do we.
What do I do when I get there?
Park in the church parking lot, and enter through the double doors to the right of the bell tower. Friendly people will greet you as you enter. Unless they haven't had their morning coffee yet; then they might be just a little cranky. But give them a moment--they'll come around and soon greet you warmly. They're also available to answer your questions - just ask!
What is the Sunday morning schedule?
Worship begins at 9:30 AM, followed by coffee fellowship, outside (as long as it's not raining--which, as we established above, is pretty rare in NM), until about 11:00 AM. For those who to chose to participate in adult education (and you would be welcome to join us), that normally follows from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
Is there a worship bulletin?
Yes. Bulletins are available just inside the sanctuary; or if you prefer, you can access it on your phone HERE.
What is your worship like?
Our worship is awesome! And meaningful! And from the heart! It's not boring, nor is it irrelevant!
(If you're skeptical that Christian worship can be any of those things, let alone all of them, you are heartily invited to come check it out! And then you are sincerely invited to push back on any of that if you so choose! We'd love to hear what you think!)
Each week we remind ourselves that God is with us, that God is good, that God is faithful, and that God is God and we are not. We find that we need all of those reminders, and regularly! We also need, and receive, reminders that we are God's beloved, called to love others as God loves us. A really tall order--one for which we need God's and each other's strength and support to even attempt! And God's forgiveness when we, inevitably, screw it up.
Our worship really is awesome. We'd love for you to come give it a try!
What is "passing the peace of Christ?"
During worship we invite everyone to stand (if they are able) and to greet those around them like this: "The peace of Christ (or the Lord) be with you." A usual response is, "And also with you." But there is no real formula; the idea is to share the love of Jesus with one another, in whatever way seems appropriate!
There are things I really need to get off my chest--I'm desperately hoping there's a Prayer of Confession in your worship service. Yes?
You and me both! Yes, there's a prayer of confession each Sunday. And by the way, it's one of my favorite parts...
Really, the prayer of confession is simply an acknowledgment of the reality of our humanity. As humans, we mess up, time and time again. In spite of our best intentions and efforts, we simply cannot live fully as God calls us to live. Left to our own devices, we don't seem capable of loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, nor can we love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Both individually and corporately, we are a work in progress!
Our prayer of confession is an opportunity to admit that we are human and we screw up, and to ask God's forgiveness. And then, we are reminded of the Good News that we are forgiven and that we are still loved. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ reminds us that there is nothing we can do that will ever separate us from the Love of God. And if that's not good news, I don't know what is!
What are the creeds and confessions of the Presbyterian Church?
There are eleven of them, including the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed. You can find all of them in our Book of Confessions. A PDF file of the book can be found HERE.
What kind of music can I expect?
We sing a mix of traditional and contemporary hymns, generally accompanied by piano. We are not professional music-makers, but we know how to make a joyful noise to the Lord!
May I participate in Communion (the Lord's Supper)?
You may! We recognize that the Communion table is not ours, but belongs to God. As such, when we celebrate the Lord's Supper (on the first Sunday of every month), all are welcome!
On some Sundays there is a brief children's message right before the sermon, and all children are invited to come to the front for the message. Parents may come forward with their children. We know some children are very shy, so there is no obligation! Younger children generally proceed to the Elementary Room after the children's message.
Activity sheets, crayons, and pencils are provided for children to enjoy during their time in worship, regardless of how long or short that may be. Ask any of our members, and they will show you where the sheets and supplies are.
I've never worshiped in a church before. Is there anything else I need to know?
First and foremost, you will find us to be a very warm and welcoming community!
Don't worry about whether you'll know any of the songs or prayers; everything you're invited to say or sing is printed and/or projected. And there is no expectation that you will put anything in the offering plate, nor is there an obligation to stay for coffee. Of course, we would be thrilled if you did the latter--and if we're honest, we would be grateful if you did the former! The best way for you to find out is to just come and see! We look forward to welcoming you.