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Bombero Norteamericano en Giron / Wes Walker photo gallery, 2008

The professional fireman from Los Alamos, New Mexico will share his knowledge and experience with Giron's volunteers. Due to the efforts of Mrs. Elida Pacheco Edelmann, the Fire Department of Giron will receive in the next several days a set of hydraulic extrication equipment, necessary for the rescue of trapped victims of motor vehicle traffic accidents.

Wesley Walker and his wife Marcela, who should have arrived in Guayaquil on Tuesday, May 6th with the donated equipment from the United States, had to delay their arrival in Ecuador by 24 hours while awaiting a solution to the problem of the refusal by the American federal authorities to permit the transport of the equipment on a passenger flight. Ultimately, the shipment of the Jaws of Life was arranged and the equipment is expected in Ecuador on Monday, May 12th on its way to Giron.

Walker, who will provide training on the use and care of the equipment to the volunteers, arrived in Guayaquil last Wednesday night (May 7th) and stepped on the ground in Giron in the early morning hours of Thursday. Later that morning he visited the military museum in Giron (the Treaty House). In the afternoon, he interviewed the firefighters to plan for the training classes.

In addition to the donation of the Jaws of Life equipment and training, it had been planned to use some donated funds for the acquisition of 5 portable radios. This may no longer be possible, because of the necessity to use much of these designated funds to pay for the shipment of the equipment.

Ruben Pintado, Chief of the Fire Department of Giron, expressed his gratitude to Mrs. Edelmann for her effort "that is not for my benefit nor for the benefit of a special group. With this type of help, the entire community of Giron and anyone who travels through here should feel secure in the knowledge that there are those of us who are always vigilant and prepared to come to their aid."

The experiences related by the North American firefighter, an officer of the Fire Department of Los Alamos, New Mexico, will serve very well to increase the knowledge of the "38 Gentlemen of Fire" who give their service to Giron.

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