White Rock Presbyterian Church

White Rock Presbyterian Church greets you and welcomes you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

What We Do

White Rock Presbyterian concentrates its efforts in five Ministry areas:


Making all of us better disciples by teaching knowledge of God and of His Word, love of God and neighbor, and the right use of our time, talent, and treasure in the service of God.

The Equipping Ministry teaches us all about God, his son Jesus Christ, and what they have to tell us in scripture. Key to this is the love of God as well as the love of our neighbors. Equipping also helps us to identify our spiritual talents, how to use those talents as well as our time, and the incredible treasure we find in serving our Lord Jesus Christ.


Providing the best opportunities to enjoy and serve God (each Sunday and on special occasions), in singing, praying, hearing God's Word, and offering ourselves to His glory.

The Worship Ministry gives to us every Sunday the best possible opportunities to not only enjoy the worship service, but to serve God wile participating in the worship service. This ministry reviews and suggests songs to be sung, prayers to offer, what topics we might hear about in sermons, and how to help us worship Him best every week here at the church.


Being God's "family" by establishing a climate of love and concern for one another, welcoming everyone into it, and seeing that each one's need for individual care fellowship is met.

The Care and Fellowship Ministry helps our church family to be part of God's family by creating and maintaining love and concern for our members, both church and extended in the community. This ministry strives to welcome everyone from the community into our church family, working for the care of our members and extending opportunities for fellowship.


Testifying, in words of good news and deeds of love, to God's saving love in Christ to the world beyond our church, from White Rock to the ends of the earth.

The Witness Ministry strives to confirm God's love through his son Jesus Christ in both the proclamation of His good news and deeds of love. They also work to proclaim salvation through Jesus Christ to the world beyond the walls of White Rock Presbyterian Church.


Undergirding all of our ministries by stewarding our buildings & grounds and our finances & staff, and by providing good administration, communication, and coordination.

The Support Ministry binds all of our other ministries by taking care of White Rock Presbyterian Church physical facilities, helping with the finances and employed staff, and enabling additional administration. They also work to coordinate efforts and increase communication within the church.